Heidi Laine had to have a good round to keep her rivals at bay, and that is what she did. After a dazzling start with -3 on hole 4 and a calmer middle part, the distance was insurmountable, and she took another risk by putting her foot on the accelerator in “birdie or bogie” mode and, in fact, she did not get a par in the last 10 holes, losing some effectiveness inside the circle. All in all, this PDGA Euro Tour Lone Star Disc Alutaguse Open has been another very good tournament that continues her streak started in May which very few players seem capable of challenging.
Another Finn, Jenni Karppinen, repeated her good performance of yesterday and took second place in the final despite continuing with dizziness, being especially successful on the back nine.
The first of the twelve Estonian players was finally Kristi Unt, who managed to deliver a card with no bogeys and an outstanding 100% accuracy from circle 1.
But the best round of the day did not go to a Nordic player, but to the British Rachel Turton – who took several days to recover her luggage after the flight and who also took a day to find her game as shown by her rounds of +6, -1 and -6: an upward trajectory that fits in her approach to gain confidence for the Continental Championship that starts in a few days also in Estonia.